FORGU specialised in styling copper materials in all different kind of processes.

The unique variety of production processes all inhouse at one location in Fröndenberg enables us to find solutions for almost any of your problems in the area of low alloyed copper materials.

Per customer demand we also produce parts out of aluminium or brass, our state of the art CNC machines gives us the possibility to machine any kind of material.

As we work since almost 50 years with copper alloys our own heat treatment shop enables us to fullfill customer demands very specifically.

  • CuCrZr

    CuCrZr is the main material, wherever better mechanical properties compared to standard copper is needed while still giving very good electrical/thermal conductivity. All this in combination with good elongation values.

    We are able to process CuCrZr in several ways:
    + casting
    + cold forming/bending
    + CNC machining
    + welding
    + soldering

    That way we can offer you both casted, as well as cold formed/bended, or CNC machined solutions; all according your needs to the best cost.

    resistance welding power engineering


Properties of alloys

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