In almost all technical areas castings are moer than ever the main components withstanding highest loads. An average car has more than 100 castings, some of which at locations where parts made in other processes could not fullfill the technical demands to reasonable cost, such as cylinder blocks, pistons, trnasmission cases, steering knuckles, brake discs etc.

Todays castings are HighTech solutions of specific customer demands. Only this way complex geometry, that cannot be produced in any other process; or only with extraordinary cost.

With our possibility of composite casting we can follow almost any contour of part with cast in cooling or heating tubes. Material for these tubes is mainly stainless steel, so no inner corrosion or magnetic side effects are a problem.

Except safety tools all castings are machined inhouse, so no customer has the risk of any hidden defects. This way we can guarantee 100 % quality supply on time. Wherever needed castings are leak tested after machining prior delivery.